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Virtual Operations Consultant

Take your "To-Do's" to "Done!"


Welcome to Vega Blast, where virtual management and consulting collide in a cosmic explosion of productivity - and maybe a little bit of alien abductions on the side.
Just kidding! (... or am I?)

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About Me

My name is Tina Marie, here to help you navigate the cosmic seas of business and avoid any asteroid fields along the way! I started this journey in January 2023 after corporate layoffs.

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While my business may be new, I, however, have 25 years of work wisdom rolling around in my noggin. In this time, I have been on a never ending journey of self discovery about who I am, what I am good at, how I work best, and the value I can bring to anyone seeking my services.

I don't just shoot for the stars, I warp speed past them with my out-of-this-world ability to see the potential in others and offer suggestions to help them soar! I love being able to teach a new skill and watch those light bulb moments spark off in your eyes.


I take great pride and integrity in my output which is why I work with my natural energy flow when fulfilling my commitments. I love getting into the nitty-gritty of things and working out the most efficient workflow for achieving your desired outcome.

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As an Alien from another galaxy (or so I've been told), I've learned to see things from a different perspective - like how to make your business thrive while wearing a spacesuit (or pajamas, birthday suit, or socks & crocs - hey, who am I to judge here?) 

I often notice the details that others may overlook. This is one of many reasons I’ve held roles of leadership, training, or management positions at multiple points in my work history.

When working with me, it will be like having an intergalactic consultant at your fingertips. I may not have tentacles or blue skin (or do I?), but I do have the skills and expertise to help you navigate your brave world of business and find the resources you need to thrive.

Think of me as your personal Yoda of productivity, guiding you through the force fields of daily operations and helping you unlock your full potential

So let's suit up, blast off, and boldly go where

no business has gone before!

Let’s take your “To-Do’s” to “Done!”

Tina Marie
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