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Virtual Assistant & Consulting

Take your "To-Do's" to "Done!"



I am happy to help with a variety of tedious admin tasks. Give yourself a break and let us pick up the slack! 

  • Create an FAQ sheet

  • Maintain spreadsheets

  • Organize your workflow

  • Make updates to an existing website (GoDaddy, Kajabi, Wix, Squarespace, etc)

  • Create and send your Email Marketing copy to your subscribers

  • Update, send, and manage contracts

  • Organize online drive folders for your projects

  • Assist with event planning

  • Outreach to your clients, gather their details

  • Schedule your appointments

  • Assist in Canva Presentation creation

  • And More....!

Tell me about your goals or project needs and

I will be able to tell you how I can help best! 

What our Clients have to say:

"Wow! You’re so awesome! I will watch the demo on the computer and look forward to learning!

Thank you so much!"

- Tia S.

"You are an absolute Unicorn!"

- Rachel F.

"I’m telling you, you are a phenom and I am so glad and grateful you are helping me I am loving your superb help! I am so lucky to have you!" 

- Julia H.

"You are amazing! Knocking it out like

Pew Pew Pew! Thank you!"

- Aesha S.

"Thanks Tina! You're so on it :) Thank you again

for all your help... Looking forward to

working with you more."

- David C.

Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 2.43.05 PM.png

Accepted Clients:

Book additional time here:

1 - 4 Hours = $45 per hour

5 - 9 Hours = $40 per hour

10 Hours or more = $35 per hour

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